Monday, January 14, 2013

Double Whammy Small Stones, 13 & 14

Yesterday was an interesting day.
We've had a shitload, and I mean a shitload, of rain.
We had so much rain Saturday afternoon
and overnight into Sunday morning
that it flooded everywhere.
Luckily, we are on higher ground
and not awfully close to any streams or rivers,
so the area around the house is good.

But we went out to breakfast yesterday morning,
as is our habit,
and I decided to go toward Interstate 70 and take that route
because I believed that the back way would probably be flooded.

Just driving up to 70 was a revelation.
The one creek or stream was almost up to the bridge,
cornfields were partially flooded,
and water was lapping at the road.

Once we got on 70, it was even more dramatic -
the whole northern side next to the highway was
nothing but water.
It was wild.

Which inspired yesterday's small stone:

Minor flooding
sounds so benign, 
until you see water 
covering the landscape
and transforming it into
an alien planet. 

Once we went to breakfast, there were parts of the route that looked okay,
so I was convinced by my partner to go the back way.
Not such a great idea. LOL
We got to the place that usually floods and, of course, it was flooded and closed.
So I turned around and went down a road I didn't know trying to find a way around it.
Got to a t-intersection and turned left.
Yeah, should have turned right.
That was totally flooded too.
He tried to convince me to drive through that, but
I didn't know the road, so I couldn't gauge how deep the water was.
Nope. Not chancing it. Not in a Prius!
So I finally got out of there and realized that I better go to the store for a few things
because I knew I probably wasn't going to be able to go anywhere for a few days.
So I headed up toward 70 again.
The road I had traveled a couple of hours before now had water covering it in a few parts, but it wasn't deep.
So, nervously (because I'm a chicken shit,) I drove slowly through and made it to the store.
On the way back, it was even more flooded.
I came around the curve and there was an SUV just sitting there, wondering what to do.
So I slowly made my way down to where the water was and drove on the opposite side
of the road because it wasn't quite as deep there as my side was.
The SUV followed me for a few feet until it saw me going through the water.
I looked in my rear view window to see him turning around and
getting the hell out of Dodge!
In the midst of the nervousness I felt,
that image made me laugh.

So yeah, I figured it would only be worse today
and I was right.
No way could the Prius make it through that lake,
which inspired today's small stone:

When you can't go to the store
because the road is flooded, 
that's when you notice
what you need from the store. 
This humorous moment 
was brought to you by 

I imagine it will still be flooded tomorrow, but it may be down enough that I can get through.
We shall see...

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