Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Last Day of the Mindful Writing Challenge

Last day of January.
It's so hard to believe that the Mindful Writing Challenge is over.
Well, it's not really over.
All of us in the group,
or a good portion anyway,
are going to continue the practice
of writing our small stones every day.

This has been so much fun!
I can't even properly express what it's meant to me.

When my friend invited me to the challenge,
I was overwhelmed. Scared. Sure I would fail.
But, guess what?
I wrote something every single day of the month!

Maybe I didn't get them posted every day,
but they were scribbled in my notebook -
sometimes, quite hastily, I might add.

I found a group of like-minded folks
all with beautiful words
wrapped around their small stones.
We read each other's work
and took joy in it.
What a wonderful January it's been!

And, I have my last two stones of the month to post...

From yesterday:

Walking across the soggy yard, 
the ground squishing beneath my feet.
There's a moment when I wonder if
I will sink beneath the surface
and find myself in Wonderland. 

We had so much rain that everywhere I walked yesterday,
I sort of sank a bit into the ground.
Yes, even on the driveway!
It was such an odd feeling
that I had to write about it.
It's that moment when something so very familiar,
suddenly isn't anymore.
There's delight to be found there.
So, it turns out that, at that moment,
I was already in Wonderland!

And that brings us to today.
The final day of the challenge.
Not the final day of this blog,
or of me writing,
or of our Facebook group.
Just the final day of the challenge.
And here is my small stone for Day 31:

A hostile army 
has invaded my stomach.
Cells are dividing and conquering, 
and there is quite a battle being fought.
My greatest wish right now
is for peace to be restored.

I started feeling a bit yucky yesterday afternoon,
but thought it was the chips that I ate.
I thought I just had too many of them.
So I took a short nap,
hoping I would be better.
And I was. A bit.
Yes, I was a bit better,
and I thought I was going to get lucky
and be okay today.
Nope. Not lucky.
Woke up this morning feeling
like leftover crap.
So, it's a lazy day today.

And, tomorrow?
There will be another small stone.
And another after that.
I will not stop writing.
Not again.

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