Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More catching up to do...Small Stones everywhere!

Boy, I'm telling ya...
If the rest of this year is like January has been,
I don't know if I'll make it.
It's been balls to the wall all of this month.

Now, don't get me wrong,
I don't mind working.
Not at all.
What I mind is my life being taken over by my job.
I guess it's inevitable in a way
since I mostly work from home
and only go into the office one day a week.

But, there has to be some boundaries.
I have got to quit answering emails after 5.
I have to put the work down and not pick it back up.
I have to do this or I'm going to pull my hair out.

So, once again,
thanks to work taking over my life,
I got behind on this blog
and my posting of small stones.
I've posted in the Facebook group
and even had to play catch up there.

What I just noticed is, that even though I posted my Friday stone
in the Facebook group on Friday,
I never made it over here to post it. Dammit.
Here's my Friday stone:

Friday, 1/25/13

Standing outside myself,
I watch an epic temper tantrum
being thrown by my 5 year old self.
She doesn't show up too often,
at least not like that,
but when she does,
it's a sight to see!
It anyone else was here,
they would have seen a middle-aged woman
acting like a fool.
But I saw the hurt child inside that woman
raging against the
petty injustices of life.

Yeah, Friday was a frustrating day, to say the least. I was hanging on by a thread, and that thread just frayed all to hell. It wasn't pretty. Neither is my small stone. But, it's honest. Brutally so. And I own it.

I checked out on Friday and worked on getting back to myself.
I needed to renew and recharge myself.

Yes, I noticed things. And yes, I wrote.
But, I never made it over to the Facebook page to post,
and I never made it here either.

So, in posting my weekend and Monday stone yesterday,
someone pointed out to me how they all flowed together
in a natural progression.
I hadn't noticed until she pointed that out,
but she's write.

Here are my three small stones, in order, for Saturday, Sunday and Monday:

Saturday 1/26/13

There is really nothing better
than waking up on Saturday morning
knowing that you don't have to work.

Sunday 1/27/13

How quickly weekends fly by...
A blink,
A nod,
and it's gone.

Monday 1/28/13

That sneaky, stealthy sleepiness
that ambushes you
on a Monday.

So...that pretty much told the story of the weekend and it's aftermath, right? Three very small stones - pebbles, really. They don't make much of a splash. Just a little plop. But, there they are.

I also wrote something yesterday
about something I noticed Friday.
It ties in with the three above, but
it never made it to the Facebook group
since it was written after the fact.
No more cheating. :-)
So, this was just an extra little something:

Friday afternoon
and I feel like a cell phone
with a low battery.
I'm here
I look the same as always
I'm just not working so well.
Time to plug into the weekend and
get recharged.

And, I did get recharged.
In the most wonderful way.
Just a nice, quiet weekend
with the man I love.

So, now we're up to Tuesday!
And here is today's small stone:

The advance of a storm front
is creaking it's way through my bones today.
The pounding of my sinuses
tells me the barometer is dropping.
I don't even have to watch the weather anymore -
Age has made me a prognosticator.

No, I'm not the first to bring this up,
but it's a bitch getting older.
Your body, the one that took so much abuse when you were younger
without even a peep,
has stored up every injury and hurt,
and now decides to tell you about them.

I'm at an age where I finally got my head together
and now my body is falling apart.
Fun times.

What to do?
Write, that's what.

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